Babylon Boyz

Babylon Boyz - Jess Mowry Babylon Boyz is an intriguing story of a group of boys living in the Babylon Ghetto. Dante, the main character, develops greatly through the story. He changes from a keep it safe boy to a brave and protective leader. This books lets us see what it was and is like on the other side of the tracks, and for some it's what they are going through. Mr. Mowry uses all the right slang and words to make us feel like we're there with the trio. Dante, Pook, and Wyatt, who are just trying to stay out of the Babylon game, the game where it's kill or be killed, and where the money and drugs are most important to the players. The friends try to stay out of the Babylon game for their different reasons. Each character is unique and special in his own way. Dante is the one with a heart defect. Pook is the brawny one who is shunned of his homosexuality and his wanting to be a doctor. Lastly, There is Wyatt the chubby one who is great at tagging and loves to take photos. There are the other characters like Air Touch, Jinx, and Radgi. Air Touch is the Gangster that they cause so much trouble; Jinx is the recovering crack addict; and Radgi the homeless one who's lost all his family. Jess Mowry pulls you into the world that Dante, Pook, and Wyatt live in. This book has a great message and a thrilling tale; that you won't be able to put it down.