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Paragons: Age of the Awakening Volume 1 - J. M. Macchiavelli

Such a great book, I can't wait for Volume 2. J. M. Macchiavelli is an amazing up and coming writer, I would recommend his Paragon Series in a heartbeat! Download the sample and you'll be hooked to buy the book! 

Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager

Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager - Beatrice Sparks Kim: empty insideThe Dairy of an Anonymous TeenagerKim one of the many teenagers with an eating disorder. Kim like most feel like she’s the only one who feel the way she does; alone, fat, weak, helpless, a disgrace, trying to be perfect for everyone else. Through this book you see how Kim and several other people have the problem of an eating disorder. The journey from having and recovering from an eating disorder is long and hard, this book takes you through this. We will feel Kim’s pain and sadness in the book, but nothing can compare to the troubles that she has.

Babylon Boyz

Babylon Boyz - Jess Mowry Babylon Boyz is an intriguing story of a group of boys living in the Babylon Ghetto. Dante, the main character, develops greatly through the story. He changes from a keep it safe boy to a brave and protective leader. This books lets us see what it was and is like on the other side of the tracks, and for some it's what they are going through. Mr. Mowry uses all the right slang and words to make us feel like we're there with the trio. Dante, Pook, and Wyatt, who are just trying to stay out of the Babylon game, the game where it's kill or be killed, and where the money and drugs are most important to the players. The friends try to stay out of the Babylon game for their different reasons. Each character is unique and special in his own way. Dante is the one with a heart defect. Pook is the brawny one who is shunned of his homosexuality and his wanting to be a doctor. Lastly, There is Wyatt the chubby one who is great at tagging and loves to take photos. There are the other characters like Air Touch, Jinx, and Radgi. Air Touch is the Gangster that they cause so much trouble; Jinx is the recovering crack addict; and Radgi the homeless one who's lost all his family. Jess Mowry pulls you into the world that Dante, Pook, and Wyatt live in. This book has a great message and a thrilling tale; that you won't be able to put it down.


Straydog - Kathe Koja Rachel is a Loner in her school. she has no Friends and no one knows that much about her. if there in her Writing Class they know she's a good writer and that's about it. One day that changes, Griffen starts school and is paired up with Rachel in the writing class. Rachel and Griffen become friends over there writing. Griffen goes to the Animal shelter with her were she works to meet Grrl the dog Rachel has been writing about. Now, Grrl is a Wild Feral Collie that Rachel wants to Tame an d Keep. As Rachel Writes about Grrl she see her self a little in the collie. If Rachel can't Tame Grrl then Grrl must go. What will happen if Grrl go's? Will Griffen and Rachel still be friends? Will Rachel Write any more? Will Rachel loose apart of herself. Read and Find out.

You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me - David Klass John says you Don't Know me and He's right no one Knows him. Why, because he won't let them. could it be because his dad left him and his Mom, that he doesn't like his Moms new boyfriend, or that his closest friends aren't really friends? Now, John knows John, he knows how it hurts to get beat and how to feel about a girl when she doesn't know you exist. John's story is in this book, I've herd about John, Now john might not be real but there are people like him, so read and learn about John because every one needs to know John.

The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen - Allan Frewin Jones Anita Palmer or rather Tania Princess of Faerie is back in the Mortal World with her True Love Evan Thomas or rather Edric Chanceler. Not for fun but, to Find the Dead Queen, who they think has really been in living in the Mortal world for 500 years. Tania can't choose who she wants to be More Anita Palmer or Princess Tania, but first she wants to find the Queen. Tania's choice gets harder as her sisters join her when the King of the Gray Knights is loose. Now, Will they Find the Queen before the Knights find them...

The Faerie Path

The Faerie Path - Allan Frewin Jones Anita Palmer star of the school play, awesome boyfriend, and amazing friends. She has it all, until her 16th Birthday, then every thing goes wrong. it starts out with a Romantic Boat ride with her Boyfriend Evan Thomas. Later Anita finds herself in Faerie, where theres an unexpected twist. Now she must save Faerie and Find out who she Really is.


Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin Elsewhere, now thats where Liz Hall is going. When, after she is killed by a Hit and run. Now in Elsewhere you get younger as the years pass and Liz has a grandma who is about her Moms age. Liz, missing her old life spends all her time watching the people on earth. What happens when Liz tries to contact them. Liz ends up meeting Owen, who was a lot like Liz. What happens to Liz who doesn't want to be here and with her new friends Owen and a Girl she meet. Now when Liz starts to adjust and fall in love for the first time, A unexpected person arrives. It's not someone Liz knows but they hurt her bad. Will Liz hide in her work with finding the dogs new owners or will she try and get back who she now loves.


Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer Isabella Swan is Famous in the little town of Forks. Why, you ask for being the Chiefs daughter that his ex-wife ran away with. Now, Bella or Isabella's Mom Got Married! Bella is now headed to Forks Washington to Live with her Dad and every one there is waiting for her arrival. Bella, starts school and every one stares at her except 5 people, Who? The Cullen and Hale Kids, now they are different. Not just because they aren't staring but that they are inhumanly Beautiful, and Rich. Bella, has one Class that she shares with any of them, Biology with Edward Cullen. Now as she gets Closer to Edward will she find out some Horrific things about him and his Family. When of If she finds out will she run in terror or not care. Will she be allowed to know? Could she be killed for knowing the Cullen's secret? What will happen between Bella and Edward and what of the Cullen's Secret.

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